25 February, 2014

Tales of the MAN

Woke up earlier this morning
What if death come to see me and life no longer be mine?

With a nice cup of coffee..
I answer my precious question..

I'm not ready to die yet..

I want to stand again and walk around the beautiful Tea Farm on Cameroon..
Once again..
I want to cross the Venice river at the night and watch their beautiful coloured city..
Once again..
I have a dreams..
To seat under the Eifel Tower.. Drinking my tea as I watch people goes by
taken a picture for their memory..
I have a dreams..
To walk inside the Theatre Of Dreams Old Trafford Stadium..
and watch my favourite football team in the world plays..
I have a dreams..
To walk and sees the blue lake phenomenon at the Australia's beach..
And I've dreams of many more..
But most of all I just want to sleep..
I want to slept like when I was boy..
Give me that.. Just one more time..

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